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Regular Giving

Potential partners are often hesitant to commit to giving a "monthly amount" to missionaries.  We've found that people have one of two main concerns.

Unable to Give Monthly

Many people have an irregular income flow that makes it difficult to give a set amount each month.  Others simply don't want the hassle of remembering each month.  Well, we have good news.  ABWE allows donors to send gifts monthly, quarterly, annually or even irregularly.  This works great for a number of our partners who get annual bonuses or tax returns, or for people who handle their finances quarterly.

How does it work?  When you give in intervals other than monthly, ABWE calculates what the annual total will be, then divides by 12 to come up with a monthly average.  That amount is what is applied to the missionary's monthly support requirement.  It's that simple.

Afraid to Leave Missionary Hanging

if they Can't Keep Giving Indefinitely

ABWE doesn't look for "commitments," but rather "intentions" to support.  When God puts an amount on your heart, and you express the desire (or intent) to partner with the Raymond family in that amount, ABWE allows that to count toward our monthly support requirement. 

We know, and ABWE knows, that peoples circumstances change.  Missionaries understand that God allows some to increase their giving over the years, while others have to stop giving.  It's a false notion that it leaves the missionary up a creek when this occurs.  In fact, more often we see Satan using this as a strategy to prevent people from being obedient to God and stealing their blessing. 

As missionaries, our responsibility before God is to trust Him to provide for our needs, rather than man.  Giving is NOT a horizontal relationship - you giving to us.  It's two vertical relationships - you giving to God while God is providing for our needs.