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Portugal Workshop Wrap-up

Jeff Raymond on June 5, 2014

The smoke is finally clearing, having put the last photo student on a plane one week ago this morning.  After a couple of days off (and big birthday celebrations for Josiah and myself), I’m back to all the follow-up work from the Portugal trip – financial paperwork, finishing photos and videos, and having meetings in preparation for the next photo workshop (somewhere in the world)!


The final exclamation point on the trip was the push toward Wednesday’s premier showing of the six student videos.  With video production, you are never done, but there is always a deadline.  After the pressure of completing the project by a specific deadline, it was a great celebration for students as ABWE staff members showed up en masse to see and be encouraged by what God is doing in Portugal. 

HOME_28May2014_002 Photo by Ben Barrett
HOME_28May2014_013 Photo by Ben Barrett

After each video was shown, I had the student come up and share some of their experiences in producing their particular story.  It is amazing to me that all of the content – the interviews, the photos, the video shots – had not existed a few days earlier.  All of it was captured and produced in a short time frame.  At the end, Gil Thomas (23-year veteran ABWE Portugal church-planter), came up and prayed for the team.  Ten minutes later, two of the students were on their way to the airport.


As each student goes their separate way, pray that God will guide them in using their new skills to tell stories of His amazing grace.  And pray for Becky and me as we seek wisdom for the next steps in developing this program to mentor those who God has gifted with creative skills.

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