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I Didn’t Sign Up For This

Jeff Raymond on November 20, 2016 Comments (1)

The parallels between our decisions in the recent US Presidential election and the decisions we’ve faced at our home church are uncanny.  Confronted with a choice between two flawed solutions, believers can become conflicted, antagonistic or obstinate. As an American, specifically, but more generally as a member of the human race, one of my biggest struggles is submission.  Since the first two human got this gravely wrong, how am I to get it right?  It just goes against our grain to be submissive to the leadership God has given us, primarily because in our culture, we define submission as “brainlessly...

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Portugal Workshop Wrap-up

Jeff Raymond on June 5, 2014

The smoke is finally clearing, having put the last photo student on a plane one week ago this morning.  After a couple of days off (and big birthday celebrations for Josiah and myself), I’m back to all the follow-up work from the Portugal trip – financial paperwork, finishing photos and videos, and having meetings in preparation for the next photo workshop (somewhere in the world)! The final exclamation point on the trip was the push toward Wednesday’s premier showing of the six student videos.  With video production, you are never done, but there is always a deadline.  After the pressure of...

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Stretching Experiences

Jeff Raymond on May 24, 2014

As we head into the final day here in Portugal, we are all being stretched to complete the videos.  We’ve lost a lot of valuable time away from the Lisbon Training Center (LTC) where we do our production work.  Last night, missionaries Doug & Sharon Fry took us on a wonderful excursion into downtown Lisbon for dinner. There was a major soccer championship, so roads were closed and crowds were thick.  But the wait at the restaurant for our unique dinner of “Steak on a Rock” was worth it.  (It was a hot “rock” that we cooked on.  I did...

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Rich in Content

Jeff Raymond on May 23, 2014

Portugal has a wealth of culture and history, but our focus early in the week has been on our video projects, and on the individuals whose stories we are telling.  Students are getting 4-5 hours of sleep each night, and instructors more like 2-4 hours as we prepare content for the next day of teaching.  We are adjusting on-the-fly as we see specific needs that students have. I have been blown away by the level of teaching and coaching that our students are receiving.  Stanley Leary and James Dockery are incredibly knowledgeable and gifted at teaching, as well as devoted...

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Expect the Unexpected

Jeff Raymond on May 20, 2014

Descending on a new culture, with new people and new places, you would expect our team of workshop students to stumble upon the unexpected.  That's exactly what's happening (as expected). Our days begin with team devotions led by one of our ABWE missionaries.  Today, church-planter Andy Cook shared with us.  He related some of the trials faced by his family as they committed to serving Christ in Portugal, and how God created a trail amidst the obstacles.  Then, after he shared with us, the unexpected happened.  In a powerful moment, the Spirit led the team to surround Andy for an...

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