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About Our Ministry

Today we have unparalleled opportunities to reach people using internet-based technologies. Rather than be limited geographically, ABWE Visual Communications is an international ministry, allowing us to be directly involved with all 60+ countries where ABWE missionaries serve.

"Visual Communications" is an international ministry, which involves four key areas...

1. Overseas Photography - We travel throughout our mission fields studying the various ministries in order to find ways to visually communicate the spiritual work that God is doing around the world. That way our missionaries can use our photos to communicate their ministries.


2.  Multimedia Training to help God's servants missionaries, pastors, Christian workers become more effective in communicating their ministries.

3.  Mobilizing Volunteers We train & prepare those God has gifted with skills in photography and visual media to be more effective as we send them on assignments to missions fields around the world.


4.  Develop Global Strategies for Missions Communications As new communications technologies come about, we study ways to use them in missions.  More importantly, we put them in the hands of our missionaries, so rather than becoming frustrated with trying to keep up with changes, they can remain focused on their primary ministries.

We do these four things, so that ABWE's commitment to the Great Commission can be fulfilled as God's amazing works are clearly communicated to the church.  We are convinced that until people SEE with their own eyes the ways God is working, their hearts will not be drawn to becoming part of the work Christ commanded each Christian to be involved in.