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Stretching Experiences

Jeff Raymond on May 24, 2014

Dinner - "Steak on a Rock"

As we head into the final day here in Portugal, we are all being stretched to complete the videos.  We’ve lost a lot of valuable time away from the Lisbon Training Center (LTC) where we do our production work.  Last night, missionaries Doug & Sharon Fry took us on a wonderful excursion into downtown Lisbon for dinner. There was a major soccer championship, so roads were closed and crowds were thick.  But the wait at the restaurant for our unique dinner of “Steak on a Rock” was worth it.  (It was a hot “rock” that we cooked on.  I did not eat this raw.)

Obidos Photo by David White

Today the team was scheduled to leave early for a 12th Century walled city and fishing village on the Atlantic Coast.  But last night’s late return from the crowded city prompted us to bump this back to the afternoon.  This allowed students to re-shoot some last minute interviews, and spend more time editing.

With leadership, these scheduling decisions fall on my shoulders.  I have also been stretched with other leadership decisions today, some of the most difficult things I’ve ever dealt with.  God is using this experience to build perseverance and character in me.  I can’t divulge the details of the problem, but I am thankful that God gave me boldness and confidence in dealing with it, and for the wise counsel I had access to.

The students had some amazing experiences in the areas they travelled this afternoon, as you can see from the accompanying images.  While deeply saddening to have to stay back at the LTC rather than be with the team, I was able to have some rare “alone” time to pray and catch up on administrative details that have been neglected.

DSC_0160 Photo by Amanda Ross
IMG_8471 Photo by Jessica Tillman
IMG_1520 Photo by Sheryl Antonio

Tomorrow will be a long day as we visit Portuguese churches, then work to finalize our projects before packing to fly home Monday morning.  As we head back to Harrisburg, PA for two days of final editing, I will greatly miss James Dockery and Stanley Leary, the other two instructors who have worked day and night to make this workshop a success.  With the craziness of our pending departure, this will likely be my last blog from Portugal.

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